About National Research

national-research-associates-background-screening-services-ctNational Research Associates, Inc. is an employment background screening company that was established in 1980 and since our inception, we have completed millions of background reports for our clients.

We approach each client relationship as a strategic partnership that will enable our clients to focus on their business while we provide cost effective, professional and confidential reports for their employee background program. National Research guarantees its compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to employment, privacy and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Our professional staff is fully supported by highly sophisticated computer technology, which enables National Research to provide user-friendly online background screening services. We can provide seamless integration with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

National Research Express is our web-based applicant report order, report status and report retrieval system which is secured with 128 bit encryption. The design of our web-based request system will allow our clients to easily navigate the on-line process regardless of their technical experience. Our system is a secure web application, which enables our clients to confidently request their reports in a secure environment.

The report information is encrypted for privacy to ensure that no one will see your applicant’s personal information – except you and National Research. When your data is transmitted, SSL or Secured Socket Layer, encrypts it – translating the data into unrecognizable characters, which only the proper recipient will be able to decode. SSL checks the identity of both the computer transmitting and the computer receiving your personal information, preventing unauthorized people and organizations from intercepting data and/or sending false information.