Why National Research

national-research-employment-verification-services-ctWe understand our clients need to attract and hire the most qualified candidates available, therefore, it is our goal to complete their employment background reports in an accurate, thorough and timely manner. This investigative effort will ensure that our clients are able to make informed and timely hiring decisions relative to their prospective employment candidates.

An investigative report that is completed promptly, with valuable applicant background information, allows the company to consider extending a job offer prior to losing the candidate to a competitor. National Research will complete most client background requests within 2 to 3 business days upon receipt of applicant data.

During our business meetings with current or prospective clients, we always listen to their needs and make recommendations based on their specific report requirements. Our focus is to complete client reports utilizing proven investigative methods and procedures that ensure a successful background investigation.

Our staff is highly trained and very adept in accessing information from the various sources required to complete a background report. We train our staff to be detail oriented, organized and to follow strict quality-control measures. This will translate into a concise and comprehensive investigative report that is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations guiding our industry.

An added feature to outsourcing your background-screening program to National Research is our utilization of an effective questionnaire coupled with a unique interview style. Our research analysts are trained to identify responses that are questionable and require additional review. This determined effort will enable us to present a clearer picture of your prospective employment candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and suitability for the position. This combination of investigative training and experience has enabled National Research to provide an informative background report, which will enable our clients to make a confident hiring decision.

National Research will be there to assist you whether your organization is requesting a pre-employment or post-employment background investigation.