Sports & Entertainment

sports industry background screeningWe understand there could be an investment of millions of dollars to produce a movie, television show or sports production. The vendors, sub-contractors, temporary employees and prospective employees of your organization should undergo a background check to ensure a safe secure environment for all involved and a successful production.

National Research realizes that your brand could be damaged by hiring a “problem employee” who could have a questionable past i.e., substance abuse history, violent criminal history or poor work record etc.

entertainment-industry-background-screeningWe understand that you may have multiple production issues which include casting, coordinating, filming, recording and meeting deadlines. Sports telecasts have their own unique challenges which include live broadcasts, adverse weather conditions for outdoor events and security issues. Our goal is to complete your background report in an accurate, thorough and timely manner so you can make a confident hiring decision.

National Research will provide your organization with an effective and comprehensive background screening program which will mitigate risk due to potential negligent hiring liability lawsuits.