Legal Compliance

National Research realizes there are many federal, state and municipal laws that employers must follow to ensure compliance which can be confusing and overwhelming. We will guide your organization to ensure compliance with federal/state/municipal laws and answer your questions.

Service Features and Benefits

  • The required federal/state/municipal disclosures and authorizations will be available for your use.
  • Compliant notices will be provided based on where the applicant lives and where they will be employed.
  • Legally compliant forms will be updated as federal, state and municipal laws change.
  • Legislative updates identifying numerous federal/state/municipal laws and the permissible purposes to request credit history reports and driver history reports.

For example, California requires specific language within the report if public record information is developed, a notice providing the applicant with a free report, specific consent form to request a credit history report and 7-year restriction on disclosure of criminal conviction records.

National Research will be your organization’s source with the many federal, state and municipal laws to ensure compliance.

National Research does not provide legal advice of any kind and you should always consult with your attorney for matters of employment and labor law. The information provided on our website is for educational purposes only.