Tenant Screening

tenant-background-screening-servicesSince 1980, National Research has furnished tenant selection reports for Property Management Companies, Apartment Complexes, Realty Companies and Landlords.

Our goal is to offer tenant selection solutions which identify tomorrow’s risk today.

National Research takes pride in furnishing an accurate, thorough and timely report at competitive rates. Our team of research analysts will be there to provide outstanding customer service that will exceed your expectations.

We provide a host of selection services that will enable our clients to make an informed and confident tenant selection decision. Our background reports are compliant with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and state laws.

Credit History Report

  • A credit history report identifying payment history, public records, fico score and address information

Social Security Number Trace

  • Detailed information which will identify your subjects name, social security number, address history and additional data

Criminal History Records

  • County Felony/Misdemeanor Records
  • Statewide Felony/Misdemeanor Records
    (where available)
  • Federal Criminal Conviction Records
  • Criminal Offender Profile

Civil Records

  • County Civil Records
  • Federal Civil Records

Employment Verification

  • An employment verification will obtain all available information to determine job stability and income.

Landlord Verification

  • A landlord verification which will identify payment history, filed complaints and additional information

Court Eviction Records

  • A search of eviction records include detailed information such as:  judgment information, case types, defendants, co-defendants and filing addresses

Sex Offender Registry

  • A national or state review of sex offender registries to identify those individuals convicted of sexual crimes